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Want Air Pollution Info? Here Are My Essential Posts

Since it’s another “emergency conditions” day in Beijing (but not yet crazy bad), I thought it was a good time to list my top posts about air pollution, so here goes:

Air Pollution: How Bad Is It, Really?

One of this blog’s all-time most popular posts, this lays out the basics and also lists some of the top PDF files to read.

Air Pollution in China: New Slideshow

Here’s an easy, graphics-based way to understand this complex issue

Air Pollution: What About Indoor Air?

Don’t forget that 90% of our lives are spent indoors — and air pollution levels can often be worse inside…

My Air Quality Journal: 太可怕!

One of my personal favorites, this detailed my fun and frantic running around Beijing with my air particle monitor, detailing the surprising results.

Schools & Air Quality: Here’s A Sample Action Plan

This, and other pieces, have helped frame the debate in local schools to set up their own action plans. What does your school do?

How Good are N95 Masks For Pollution?

Masks are an essential tool during peak days, but you need to choose the correct ones.

Air Pollution in China: New Slideshow For Schools & Parents

Another slideshow, this time more for schools to show their students.

Indoor Plants: Natural Air Purifiers

Plants are natural anti-pollutants, but a few are even more so.

Using the Beijing Air Quality Index (AQI) – Part I

Here’s an always-popular piece from Chris Buckley walking us through the confusing AQI system.

Good News: Biking In Beijing Helps More Than Hurts

Yes, it’s true; on most days, the health benefits of outdoor biking far outweigh the risks.

Pollution Masks: Which Are Best? Consider Totobobo…

I detail the data on masks, especially my new consumer favorite, Totobobo.

Blueair vs. IQAir Purifiers: And The Winner Is…

This popular piece details my personal experience, including pure data, comparing my home’s IQAir and Blueair purifiers.

Air Pollution & Kids: Reviewing The Best Evidence

This newer piece details the research, unfortunately growing, which details the very real dangers of pollution exposure to a child’s lungs.

All China Expats: Here’s How To Find Out Your City’s Real-Time Air Quality

This is a how-to guide for other cities all over China to figure out their city’s hourly AQI, by using China’s new air pollution website

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  1. Just a thought, if you could frame this in terms of smoking packs of cigarettes (if that analogy even works) it might help provide more perspective on the dangers (not that what you’ve already written hasn’t scared me enough).

    1. I would love to have that kind of easy-to-understand info, but alas I’ve never seen the study that would help us figure that out. Does anyone know?

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