Air Pollution 101: Here’s Your Syllabus

Due to the incredible media exposure this week to our emergency pollution, I’ve been inundated with questions from both patients and international media about pollution. There’s still quite a lot of misinformation about pollution, so here are what I consider to be the most high yield, evidence-based and readable articles. I think reporters, scholars, parents — anyone concerned about air pollution — may find a few articles to be useful. So grab a comfy chair, smoke your favorite cigar, sit back and have a good read:

General Topics:

Masks and Pollution:

Children and Pollution:

OK, that’s enough to keep everyone busy for a few days. I don’t expect us to work miracles here; I just hope to share the evidence and continue the discussion, and at the very least have us take proper precautions for our own families — and lead by example. Does anyone else have a favorite article? Please leave links in the comments below. (By the way, the cigar recommendation was sarcasm…a bit of dark humor in the midst of dark times…although “everything in moderation”, yes?)

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  1. I can not find a site where it is confirmed that the 3M 8812 mask is a N95 mask. Can you help me out? Is a 3M 8812 mask preferred above a 3M 8210 N95?

  2. My son is visiting Beijing for 4 weeks. Starting his second week, he has come down with a nasty cough. What do you recommend?



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