A New Blog on China Healthcare

There’s an interesting new blog about China healthcare…called, easily enough, China Healthcare Blog. It’s a spinoff of their previous Asia Health Care blog. They have a good group of writers who write original and in-depth articles. One article that caught my eye this week was their mention and ongoing video discussion of a disturbing paper just published in Lancet, which describes the extraordinarily high c-section rate in China, which at almost 50% of all pregnancies is one of the highest rates in the world (China Healthcare Blog | ChinaHB TV, Episode 1, C-Sections in China).

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One thought on “A New Blog on China Healthcare”

  1. Dr. Saint Cyr,

    Thank you for the mention! I hope we can grow the blog to be a valuable tool for people interested in China healthcare issues….it's going to take getting more writers.

    Your blog is great, as always.


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