Which Asian Fruits & Veggies Are Healthiest?

Last year I wrote a piece about the excellent review article from the Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety, discussing the  Nutrient Values of Fruit and Vegetables. I think it’s such a great, practical real-life study that I wanted to review some more data with you.

For example, do you know which fruits and veggies have the best fiber content? What about vitamin C, or sugars? Here’s one table which lists the fiber of fruits, with avocado leading the way:

Here’s another which shows the fiber in veggies:

What about sugar and calorie content? Here’s the ranking for fruits, again with avocado in the lead for calories, and canned peaches tops in sugar:

And the calorie content for Asian vegetables:

The original document is filled with useful graphs like this, including more specifics on how different cooking and peeling techniques can affect nutrition. It’s a great item to print and show your family and friends, as well as to keep as a reference. Again, you can find it here at the Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety.

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One thought on “Which Asian Fruits & Veggies Are Healthiest?”

  1. Interesting but I suspect only comprehensible to Doctors.

    Great that I now know that Avocado has 6.7g dietary fibre /100g but what am I supposed to do with knowledge?

    How much does my body need?

    Does it significantly differ from one avocado cultivar to another (Ettinger to Hass for example?)

    Am I supposed to weigh each avocado before I eat it?

    Please relate the information to typical serving sizes in a Beijing restaurant and to body requirements.

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