Dec 212012


It’s hard enough being a parent anywhere, but adding China-specific hassles could give anyone a headache. Here are my favorite parenting posts from 2012:

Parenting articles 2012 Cough Syrups For Kids: Do Any Work Well? – Short answer? Not really. Better answer: honey!

Make Your Own Yogurt! – It’s a superfood breakfast, fun to make, and gives you control of food choices in China.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Pollution Dome – Here are my thoughts on ISB’s new covered gym. What does this say about our society?

Probiotics: The New Black – Kids on antibiotics should also be taking probiotics.

TCM and Kids: Which Therapies Are Safe — And Effective? – Here’s my review of the literature.

Pain Relief For Kids: A Guide To Proper Dosing – It’s all too easy to overdose, especially with Tylenol syrups.

Soft Drinks + Kids = Bad Idea – There is zero redeeming value to any soda!

Dehydration From Gastro: Are Sports Drinks and Sodas Safe? – No, most are not very ideal and may be harmful. I explain why.

Breathing Clean in Beijing: Let’s Separate Fact From Fiction – Is our air like a pack-a-day smoker? Not even close. Find out more.

Should Doctors Fire Parents Who Refuse Vaccines For Their Children? – Some doctors have started doing this; here’s my take.

You can also peruse my archives of Children articles here.

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