Aww, How Cute…Baby’s First Air Pollution Mask!

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Ready for the great outdoors

Have many of my readers tried the new pollution masks for your kids? I’d love to hear your stories! The big news over the last couple months was the new collection from Vogmask, which has (as far as I know) the first official fit test results, in a real world setting on a child’s face, showing much better than 95% filtration against PM2.5 (even smaller, actually, as the test looks for PM0.3). You can view the test result below or on their site.

Totobobo also claims a smaller size mask, and also the ability to custom-cut down to size. That’s a great option, but as I like hard data I would have to say that Vogmask goes to top of my list for kids, due again to their independent test results on a child’s smaller faces. I believe the results are from an 8-year old, which isn’t a 2-year old — but their younger test subjects couldn’t sit still long enough during the test! And again, it’s better data than anyone else on the market.

Another good thing about Vogmask is that they look “normal”, like a winter facemask which most people wear already. Plus, they come in fun colors, and also different sizes. Some also have an exhalation valve, which I always like on masks to help prevent fogging. My nine-month old son is wearing the baby size in the photo here, which he doesn’t seem to mind too much, especially as daddy has the same fun pattern.

You can buy Vogmask right here at our hospital’s gift shop, or also from the Vogmask Taobao website as well as some local stores, such as Torana Air in Beijing. Always call ahead as they may be out of stock. If you want more information on masks, you can read a few key earlier articles (herehere and here) as well as wander around my air pollution archives.

How about you? Are you having luck getting your kids to wear any of these?

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3 thoughts on “Aww, How Cute…Baby’s First Air Pollution Mask!”

  1. My 2,5 yo and 5 yo have the Vogmask (size medium child) and they love to wear them! More comfortable and fit better than Totobobo. The problem is my 1 yo. The smallest Vogmask is a bit to small since she is able to chew the ends, and as soon as I’ve put it on she rips it of. The only weapon I have against that is to carry her in a BabyBjorn so that I can hold her hands away from her face. But I will try the medium size on her and keep on carry her, more exercise for me huh? The good thing with bigger mask is that maybe she can have a pacifier under it and be mor ok with it. Any other advice?

    1. I don’t have any extra advice, these are the best on the market now. Whatever works is better than nothing, in my opinion. Keep us posted!

  2. Dr. Saint Cyr,

    Yes, our 4 year old likes his Vogmask. We have matching masks for Mom & Dad as well. We also bought backup masks for each of us, which seems like might have been a good idea since some friends say the Vogmasks are sold out now.

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