Air Pollution in China: New Slideshow For Schools & Parents

One of most popular posts last year was a slide show on air pollution in China. Now, I have created a trimmed-down version that I’ve started to give to high school classes. This slide show is now available below for teachers and parents to use all over China (I hope!). You don’t even need to download; simply click on the “FULL” icon on the lower right section and it will present full screen. There are two links to short videos, as well as a final link to a fun and educational air pollution game from the U.S. EPA. It’s geared more for teens, but it’s also a quick way for adults to understand the basics.

My goal in sharing this is to encourage all schools — all over China — to review their air pollution action plans. And if they don’t have a plan, hopefully this slide show can drive the discussion within your schools.


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