Get Into The Chunjie Spirit At Nongzhanguan

This is a quick message to all; a couple months ago I wrote about one of my favorite local spots, the Agricultural Exhibition Center (NóngZhǎnGuǎn) just off east third ring at the eastern end of Dongzhimen Wai Dajie. Right now they […]

Escape From Dàhán At A Beijing Hot Spring

Today, January 20th, is dàhán (大寒), “big cold” on the Chinese solar calendar. This is traditionally considered the coldest day of the year, and I won’t argue with that — it’s darn cold. So, on these deep winter days, I […]

Traveling? Don't Forget Malaria Pills

Traveling? Don't Forget Malaria Pills

We are in the middle of the summer travel season, and many expats are travelling to southern and tropical countries near China. Many of those areas have mosquitoes that can transmit malaria, a nasty parasite that can make people very […]

Surprise! Some Upbeat Food News: Xibei Restaurant

Surprise! Some Upbeat Food News: Xibei Restaurant

I think we’ve all had enough of depressing food safety articles, haven’t we? So, I’ve decided to provide a ray of hope and tell you about a Chinese restaurant chain that is extremely healthy, inexpensive, fun, family friendly, and clean (“A” […]

The Meaning of Life Is...

The Meaning of Life Is…

Weekends are for relaxing and “checking in” not only with yourself with with your loved ones. Here’s a nice tale my cousin emailed me: A Professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When […]

And Now For a Mental Break...

And Now For a Mental Break…

It recently occurred to me that I’ve become a bit of a Doctor Doom and Gloom, so I’m going to lighten things up a little. On weekend posts I’ll focus on what everyone should be doing; relaxing, reconnecting with family, […]

Daytrip: Wulingshan 雾灵山

Wulingshan (雾灵山) is another of the many mountain daytrip options, this one in the north eastern direction past Miyun reservoir, about 2 hours drive using the relaxing and wonderfully empty Jingcheng Gaosu (“highway”). Wulingshan is nice to drive to when […]

Weekend Trip: Baicaopan Mountain & Meadow

Baicaopan is a spectacular mountaintop view, and definitely worth checking out – but only in the summer season, and when highway 108 is finished in late 2009. Otherwise, do not go now! It took us over 4 tortuous hours to […]

Weekend Beach Trip: Qingdao

This is a bit of a stretch for a weekend, but it’s definitely possible to fly there on Friday evening and have a nice 2 nights and return late Sunday, giving you two full beach days. (Qingdao is also drivable […]

Weekend Overnight: Dalian

Are you aching for the beach? There are only a few close options; I heard Tianjin has a small private beach but got lost in the port area and gave up. So, Beidaihe is the best local option – and […]

Weekend Daytrip: Jiufeng National Forest

I love to hike; before Beijing, I had spent a decade in the paradise of Sonoma county, just above San Francisco. I vividly remember (and miss) those mountain walks. So, I am very pleased to finally find a Beijing mountain […]