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Follow Me On Sina Weibo (China's Twitter)

I’ve never found Twitter very useful — especially as it’s not available in China. But over the last year, the Sina Weibo micro-blogging site has exploded in popularity, so I thought I’d experiment a bit. So I created a profile […]

Get Into The Chunjie Spirit At Nongzhanguan

This is a quick message to all; a couple months ago I wrote about one of my favorite local spots, the Agricultural Exhibition Center (NóngZhǎnGuǎn) just off east third ring at the eastern end of Dongzhimen Wai Dajie. Right now they […]

Escape From Dàhán At A Beijing Hot Spring

Today, January 20th, is dàhán (大寒), “big cold” on the Chinese solar calendar. This is traditionally considered the coldest day of the year, and I won’t argue with that — it’s darn cold. So, on these deep winter days, I […]

My Top Relaxing Drives in Beijing

My Top Relaxing Drives in Beijing

You’ve probably never seen these three words together: “Beijing”; “driving” and “relaxing”. But I’m here to spread the good word that sometimes, if you choose carefully, driving around Beijing can indeed be pleasant. So I’ve created a list below of […]

Weekend Travel Tips

My website is getting a bit top-heavy and it’s starting to be difficult to find posts, so I thought I’d remind readers that I have a more casual section devoted to my favorite local weekends and road trips. Now that […]

Can The World Cup Affect Your Health?

Can The World Cup Affect Your Health?

Here’s a fun article from Miller-McCune reviewing some medical literature showing how large spectator sports events like the World Cup can cause spikes of heart attacks in some countries, where other countries like France reported less risk. It’s an interesting […]

Poetry Break: The Cravin'

I’ve run out of steam this week, so I thought I’d just post an old poem of mine for your enjoyment. It’s totally non-medical but I had a lot of fun writing it when I was 16 and it may […]